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Question and answer to the most common questions

Bug screen, blackout bug screen and blind

How to mount a blind on deep hatches and portlights.

How to assemble the suction cup to the blind/bug screen/mosquito net.

How to mount a suction cup on hatch made of fiberglass.

How to mount a suction cup to a hatch with ventilation.

Does the suction cup really sit all night?

How to fold the blind/screen.

Does it really get 100% dark with the blind?

How to measure the hatch/portlight to get the right size of blind/screen.

How to straighten a folded suction cup.

The bug screen is getting "loose" in strong wind.

Are the nets good for really small bugs?

The mosquito net has a large grommet. Doesn’t the bugs get in there?

Why isn’t stainless steal in frame hold out the blind/screen?

Is there a difference between mosquito nets?

What kind of maintain do need to think of?

Does it fit my rectangular hatch?

Does the blind/screen fit round hatches?

Spreader boot

How to measure the spreaders to get the right size of spreader boots.

Chafe protection

The Spiroll is so long, can I cut it in two pieces?

How does one secure them to a line?

Will they migrate once secured?

Do they insulate a line causing heat build-up within the line’s fibers?

Will they streak or leave marks on my boat?

Does the Spiroll reduce the sound in the mooring cleats?

How to put on the leather protection for the lifeline

Smart & Simple

How do I scrub the potatoes after the boat?

How do I cool beverage in warm water?