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Bug Screen

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Mosquito net (or bug screen) that mounts from the inside with a suction cup. An easy way to get mosquito free inside. All nets are dense enough to stop even the smallest gnat, sand fly or No-See-Ums. A chromed steel frame is hold out the the net and with suction attached in a cord, you press the net against the frame of the hatch and it will be “mosquito safe”. Since the mosquito net is supposed to be bigger then the hatch, it will be universal for all brands of hatches. Fits both motor- and sailboats.
 Mosquito net for hatches and portlight  Mosquito net for hatches and portlight  Mosquito net for hatches and portlight
For fiberglass hatches the suction cup doesn’t fit so good so we will there use a plastic plate (same as for GPS). It’s mounted with double sided tape. See more #1542 Plate for fiberglass hatches). The mosquito net will also work on round, rectangular and square hatches. When you opens a hatch with ventilation the centre of the hatches will be just in front of the ventilation. Read more in Q&A.

Mounting on fiberglass hatch  Fits round, rectangular and square hatches  Hatch with ventilation