Moisture / heat insulation for portlights – large #6335

  • The silver color is very effective for heat reflection. Put an layer of heat insulation reflective foam between the hatch and a blind or bug screen in the same way as car have a silver foam on the dashboard. A hatch with smoke colored glass can get very hot during a sunny day. Works also perfect for boats with moisture problems. Moisture comes from the difference between the in- and outside temperature of the boat. Hulls are today insulated as well as the glass in the hatch. The aluminum / stainless steel in the hatch will create a bridge for the temperature difference. A layer of insulation will make an effective solution to insulate the hatch. The moisture / heat insulation is mounted as an extra layer between the mosquito net or blind and the hatch. The insulation must be used in combination with a Waterline Design mosquito net or blind. Fits Blind with ventilation 1335 / Bug screen 1435.

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