Mosquito net for portlights – small #1430 (2-pack)

  • For a mosquito-free life on the boat. A universal sized mosquito net that fits all brand of portlights. Mounts from the inside of the boat with a suction cup or a magnet. The suction cup or magnet is attached to a string, that are used to keep the net towards the hull. It is suitable for portlights with interior dimensions up to 180 x 430 mm. The mosquito net is supposed to be larger to cover the "cut out" hole. This makes the net good for variation in portlights sizes. It will also fit different shapes: rectangular, square and round hatches. Folds down to ⅓ size, storage bag included.

    1. Pop up = 5 seconds mounting
    2. Suitable for hatches with interior dimensions up to 180 x 430 mm (7½"x17")
    3. Fast mounting with suction cup or magnet
    4. Easy to store, folds to 1/3 of the size
    5. Fits all brands of hatches
    6. Mounts from the inside
    7. Works on flushed hatches
    8. Thin, builds less than 3 mm
    9. Ventilates the boat
    10. Keeps out mosquitoes, sand flies, No-See-Ums, gnats, wasps etc.
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